Force arm for static thrust test

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I am setting up a rig in a lab for doing static thrust measurements. the sytem is all setup and working well but almost every time I get the PX4 refusing to arm because of AHRS, horizonal speed, and some other issues. The system is not intended for flight but the pixhawk is used to monitor other data so I do not want to remove it from the loop. I would like to know what parameters should I set to either not need to arm the system, or (ideally) allow me to arm the aircraft with tx command without any checks being done.

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You can try disabling some circuit brakers (CBRK_***** parameters)

Hi @kross787
To complete @ozanyuceol answer

You might want to look at the following CBRK (circuit breaker) parameters :
You can set them from QGC or from Px4 init.d (ROMFS/px4fmu_common/init.d/rc.XXX_defaults)

  • CBRK_USB_CHK to remove USB check to allow arming with USB
    param set CBRK_USB_CHK 197848
  • CBRK_SUPPLY_CHK to allow arming without battery
    param set CBRK_SUPPLY_CHK 894281
  • CBRK_IO_SAFETY to allow arming without safety switch
    param set CBRK_IO_SAFETY 22027

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