Flying obstacles into RVIZ!

I’m using PX4 avoidance package … and now I need to insert flying obstacles into RVIZ . How can I do that please any help?
Thanks in advance

@lioneleeedadad You can launch avoidance into a gazebo world, where you can run the sitl simulation in.

This is where the world is specified when you use posix_sitl.launch:

You can modify the path to the world and add your own world with dynamic obstacles

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Thank you for your reply … however I don’t even know how to insert dynamic obstacles into RVIZ … I know that this may not be the right place to ask that question . However would you please help me with that ? :slight_smile:

@lioneleeedadad You can follow the gazebo tutorials:

RVIZ is just a visualization tool. if you dont know the difference for what you need, then it makes no sense to help you. please get in touch with the ros basics!