Does the px4 avoidance package provide online path planning ? if yes would you please tell me where?

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I would love to help you, but I do not understand your question. What do you mean by “online” path planning? What do you actually wanna do?

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@baumanta Thank you for your reply , I want to add dynamics obstacles and avoid them by iris

Ok, if I understand correctly you want to avoid moving obstacle using local planner.

Local planner does exactly what its name says: It plans locally. The planner runs at around 15Hz continuously updating the computed path. So if your obstacles move slow enough, the planner will be able to avoid them. What the planner does not do is estimating obstacle velocities and predicting where they will be in the future. That means you will not crash into slow moving stuff, but also you won’t have an optimal path. (e.g. you will go directly where the obstacle is going to and then have to wait until it is gone instead of breaking earlier anticipating the obstacle’s movement). Also, if you have fast moving obstacles or concave environments that will lead to problems.

Does that answer your question?

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Thank you very much actually you answered a big part of what I was thinking about however I don’t know how to insert moving obstacles … can you please aid me with that ?

I’m sorry you need to figure this one out on your own or ask in a gazebo channel. Adding moving obstacles to a gazebo world has nothing to do with either avoidance or PX4.

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Okay great thank-you honey

@baumanta I have another question please can I ask ?