Flyboard air

Hi everybody maybe some of you know the flyboard air ?
It s a jet powered board
We used cc3d and librepilot to develop the project but now we whant switch for px4
The main reason is the redundancy
I have some questions :grin:

  • How the 3 imu works ?( if 1 fail it s directly manages by the software ?)
  • is the software open for custom project as librepilot?
  • is it easy to use ?

Thank you :blush:

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The answer to all three questions is yes :slight_smile:

The dev guide is here

Where can I found the best quality ?

You mean the best quality autopilot?
In that case there are many different options. E.g. the Pixracer is a great product, or I guess the newly released Pixhawk 4

Wooow, that project is so cool!!! Flying Goblin :grinning: