Flight controller for gliders

Hi Everyone, I am NEW to the Group as well as FLIGHT CONTROLLERS.

I am busy assembling a 4 m Composite Glider with Electric Motor.
I wish to include a Flight controller so that I can have a RTH feature as I have already lost gliders in strong Thermals or loosing vision.

The Glider is FULL HOUSE with Ailerons flaps but these are also used to set REFLEX and CAMBER.

Can a Kind Person advise me the best solution going forward :pray:

I am using Spektrum 8 channel Receiver.

If I can receive some advise on the correct FC to use and how to set up please.

Warren Massey
South Africa

Good day, i can suggest you the mRo control zero f7 or the control zero OEM with h7 MCU… for oem h7 you have to wait a little bit coz px4 firmware it’s not yet release.
Aside control zero you can look for the x2.1 777… its pixhawk derivate…, very flexible and stable during the flight.