Firmware with LPE master - strange position control

I need a help to understand what is going wrong with LPE firmware in the flight.
Last week i started to prepare copter for vision based experiments and i have discovered a very weak position control, especially altitude. Here is a log of test flight with video, before flight a have uploaded the firmware and executed all calibrations and configurations, in this flight i enable Position control, then do a takeoff to altitude about 5 meters from the ground and only once have corrected a position where it is been dangerosly aprroached to objects on the field. In stablised mode - no problems.
On this video - part of flight, where copter is autonomus, i do not tach sticks and visible the problem with alititude holding.
Another remark for this firmware it is about microSD card, after each flight i need to erase content on SD card otherwise copter starts to beep constantly.
Thanks in advance,

LPE is not supported anymore, and others have reported problems with mocap/vision (including me), see here.