Firmware upload error in ubuntu 14.04

I got the following error while uploading the firmware thru ubuntu terminal. I installed ubuntu in a virtual box. I could compile the code using cmake. The compiled firmware i could upload using Mission Planner in windows. Also the pixhawk is detected in QGC which installed using virtual box. The baudrate i used in the mission planner is 115200 where as in the terminal it is using 57600.

Is the baudrate the problem in uploading the firmware? If i have to change the baudrate in ubuntu terminal, how to change it,

Thanks in advance

Check USB forwarding in virtualbox. The other option is copying the binary (.px4 file) and flashing through QGroundControl in Windows or OSX.

USB forwarding is working, I could connect pixhawk through QGC in the same machine using virtual box. I can upload the firmware using MP. I need to develop app in pixhawk to customize the drone. For that I have to connect through terminal.

I feel the problem is with buadrate, if so how to change in Ubuntu

The problem is the bootloader has a id is different, so it’s only being forwarded AFTER it gets past the point when you can flash.

how to change the bootloader id and how to proceed