Firmware for PX4v2

Hi. I have been trying to get my px4v2 to work for coupple last months px installed into hexacopter.
If i use AC 3.3xx i get police light´s and yellow led error´s when arming. This is when configured thru Mission Planner.

Finally i found that i should configure px in qgroundcontrol, and i installed PX4 Flight Stack and did all config in QGC.
For the first time arming went without any errors.
Is PX4 Flight Stack the right FW for hexa ?
The tuning options are a bit more limited than in AC, but im happy to go with qgc and PX4 Flight Stack if thats working.
Can i go and give it a try after all calibrations are done ?
Is there some other pre-tuning requirements with PX4 Flight Stack, are the default pid´s “ready to fly” for multi ?