Feature Request: [Get height and height over ground graph and other]

Newbie here, hope this falls into the right category,
there are two things that might be a great addition to the QGroundControl software.
For one, a sort of “Get height” button from google maps maybe (maybe via right/long click) that tells you the height over 0, at that point.
In addition to that something to review the flight plan height on a graph, compared to the height over ground. So that you can be sure, for longer flights, that the height difference doesnt drive you in the next hill. If there is a “keep x ground clearance” feature, that’ll work as well, i havent seen it yet though. A Workaround would be loading the KML into google earth and viewing it in 3D (that requires absolute heights to work)

Also: Deleting points by clicking “x” or “delete” would be great!

Side note: i cant figure out the loiter landing mode which is described in the “new features” page, that isnt too urgent though :slight_smile:

Im sorry in case my english wasnt too easy to understand, im not a foreign speaker :wink:

You should be following what is going in with Daily builds and terrain support. First step, start using Daily builds.

oh wow, i didnt see that, that is just awesome! Thank you for giving me that hint, going to look into that a bit more!