False Geofence Trigger


I had geofence trigger today, but it did not appear to hit it.

Here is the geofence that I had created and uploaded

And here is where we flew

It appears that the Geofence trigger occurred here

And I confirmed that it occurred in the logs as well.

Here is the log on Flight Review:

Vehicle Details:
Quad Layout
PX4 Version: 1.13.2 Stable
Flight Controller: Cube Orange

Any insights would be great thank you

My estimate thus far is that this is due to predictive geofence

I was giving the UAV a decent amount of forward acceleration at the time to test stable position mode and recovery when letting go of sticks.

I am predicting something went wrong with the predictive capabilities of the geofence and incorrectly issued the geofence breach behavior

Alex K also shared knowledge on it here: Discord

I am able to see similar things in SITL

Let me ping @tumbili

This might be expected behavior, but when geofence breach set to termination…makes it a bit unpredictable.