Facing Eroor to build the QGC

I have tried running QGC in QT 5.15.0 and also then downloaded QGC in 5.15.2 and the same error was encounterred.

Help me out.

Thank You.

Hi Rohan. A couple of things here:

  1. Have you checked the QGroundControl Dev Guide, regarding pre-requisites and setting the environment for building the sources, especially regarding installing Qt?
  2. As a side note, please be aware that the Qt version that Qt Creator is based on (in your example Qt Creator 5.0.2 based on Qt 5.12.2) is the version that somebody used to build the Qt Creator release you’re using, and may have not any relationship with the actual Qt version you have actually installed in your PC

Hello Pablojr,

Thank you for the reply.

I will do the changes and update regarding the issue.