External MPU9250 with SPI not working

I am trying to modify some hardware of pixhawk by adding some external sensors such as MPU9250.
SPI pins are connected as following

MPU9250 CS pin → PE4
I modified the board_config.h as well

And from rc.sensors I called
mpu9250 -S -R 0 start
but pixhawk never realize this sensor.
What am I missing here?



Now it looks like the sensor is working but got following erratic data from nsh

nsh> mpu9250 info
state @ 10009890
mpu9250_read: 1820 events, 141323us elapsed, 77us avg, min 41us max 111us 11.269us rms
mpu9250_acc_read: 0 events
mpu9250_gyro_read: 0 events
mpu9250_bad_trans: 1464 events
mpu9250_bad_reg: 55131 events
mpu9250_good_trans: 55100 events
mpu9250_reset: 0 events
mpu9250_dupe: 280 events
accel queue 2/144 (1/0 @ 1000a470)
gyro queue 2/144 (1/0 @ 1000a570)
mag queue 2/112 (2/1 @ 1000a700)
checked_next: 4
reg 75:7a should be 71
reg 75:7a was bad 00
reg 6b:7e should be 01
reg 6c:f8 should be 00
reg 6a:fc should be 20
reg 19:00 was bad 7e
reg 1a:fc should be 03
reg 1b:7e should be 18
reg 1c:f8 should be 18
reg 1d:7e should be 03
reg 38:f0 should be 01
reg 37:00 should be 10
reg 37:00 was bad 7e
temperature: 43.2

reg number is wrong?