Ethernet and UDP/TCP setup

I think it is successful to configure the Ethernet fallow the tutorial. Like that.

But, I can’t ping successfully.

Did I ignore any points?

Hope your help!!!

thank you!!!

Hi @DaShen96 ,
Are you directly connecting your board to a PC / companion computer? What is its configuration?
Are you connecting the the board to a router / existing network? What are your network settings?
You are providing only half of the setup right now.

Thank you Benja. It’s directly connect 6x to a PC. Whether need a router to connect board and PC? My computer configuration like that:

I found a problem that 6x can’t ping itself.

Good, that configuration looks ok!

No, you don’t need a router. At the same time I never tried a direct connection PX4 - Windows PC, but I don’t see any issue so far.

However, as you want to set the static ip for your PX4, you can directly set


instead of fallback. In fallback PX4 waits up to a couple of minutes for the DHCP server to assign an IP, but you don’t have a DHCP server in your PX4-PC simple “network”.

It make sense that you cannot ping yourself as you are waiting for the DHCP server

I used the ifconfig command to check the network devices and found that there were no Ethernet devices. I had previously configured the CAN network, and I think this issue should be the cause.Because I have a new board, it ping PC successully.
But I don’t know how to bring out the eth0 device.

Oh, I don’t know then, sorry

Thanks for your reply!