ETA on emergency stop switch?

Do you know an ETA for the emergency stop switch support? I’ve come to rely on it on my small quads… More often than not, I can save my props in situations that would otherwise break all of them.


Its already implemented. Will go in soon.

Thank you!

If anyone else is looking, he added instructions here:

Any suggestions on why my kill switch may not be working while I’m testing (with no props)? I have the parameter RC_MAP_KILL_SW set in QGroundControl to 5, which I have checked on the radio calibration is a two-position switch going to min/max. I set the RC_KILLSWITCH_TH to 0.5 so that it enables it whenever the switch is hit. I am not getting the motors to turn off though. I also checked if I needed to reverse my switch and that didn’t help.

Do the motors still respond to your throttle or are they stuck if the switch is activated at the last value?

They still respond to the throttle.

This branch should fix it - would be great if you could give it a try if you know how to build:

The stop switch has been working for me for weeks now… It’s not quite instant, but fast enough.

Thanks for providing feedback! The instant part is in the works and should hit master any day now.

@wicked1 It should work now on master instantly, as we changed the logic to send a disarmed pulse instead of stopping to send any pulses.