Error SITL

Hello, I am trying to use QGC to do missions, but when I start a mission I get these errors. What are they for? What do they mean?

ERROR [sensors] Accel #0 fail: TIMEOUT!
ERROR [sensors] Sensor Accel #0 failed. Reconfiguring sensor priorities.
WARN [sensors] Remaining sensors after failover event 0: Accel #0 priority: 1

What SITL (jMAVSim or Gazebo or something else) are you using? What version of PX4?

It basically means that the accel data had a timeout.

I have created a bridge between PX4 and FlightGear to use it. Right now I run PX4 with “make px4_sitl none”, PX4 receives the HIL_SENSORS and HIL_GPS messages and FG receives the HIL_ACTUATOR_CONTROLS message with no problems. The acceleration information comes in HIL_SENSORS right? If that information did not arrive, it would not respond with the message of HIL_ACTUATOR_CONTROLS

Ok, have you read this?

Yes, I have read it, but i dont see where the problem may be.

From what I understand from the lockstep, PX4 does not calculate a new iteration of control actions until it receives a message from sensors with a different timestamp than the previous one, so simulations can be done at different times than the real one. I do not understand how there can be a timeout in this configuration

Since you’re trying to get this going with FlightGear, have you seen this PR?

Yes, thank you, I have downloaded it and I have been seeing how it does it but it does not use the lockstep and for me it is very important since I am going to simulate many things at the same PC. So I would like to understand well how it works