Error on px4io-v2/board_config.h?

I am not sure, but think that there some error on px4io-v2/board_config.h
The line:


says the IO chip has PORT E, but the chip don't have such port.

Its seems that there are two location on the code that refer to this macro:

  1. fmu.cpp, (correct if I am wrong) the io code doesn’t use it
  2. drv_hrt - that seems to configure wrong pin. but because GPIO_PPM is also defined, and initialized there is no issue.

I might be wrong, and its some kind of trick, and I am not sure if and how it effect the current code, and currenly don’t have PPM remote to check that.

Try submitting a bug report at it will get more attention there.

I have done that, Issue #6516