Error during setup "console" for toolchain of px4. How to fix it?

How to overcome this problem?

**** Build of configuration Default for project Firmware ****
make all
/bin/sh: cmake: command not found
rm: cannot remove directory `/c/px4/Firmware/build_posix_sitl_default’: Permission denied
make: *** [posix_sitl_default] Error 1

I have already install cmake but I don’t know how to solve and interrupt it.
Hopefully if there is any suggestion for the solution…
I am a new in this field.


Is cmake in your PATH? Restart and try again.

I recommend you use Ubuntu for PX4 development, or even Windows 10 Bash/Ubuntu. You can build on Windows, but it’s painfully slow.

Can you help me? i have same problem on Windows 8, Do you know how solved it?