Drone Light Painting Vertical Circles

Is it possible with PX4 to drone light paint vertical circles? I can get pretty close with Litchi but am looking for other solutions.

No idea what that means.

Reuben Wu either uses PX4 or Ground Control with his drone to draw shapes. Here is an example of a non perfect circle that is 40x40 feet done with Litchi.

Nothing like that in QGC

Any recommendations on software related to PX4 that it could be possible with?

By that I mean nothing automatic that will create that pattern. You can always create it manually using a set of waypoints in a mission.

Oh yeah that’s totally fine! That’s how I made the previous circle. Do the waypoints have a minimum distance limit from each other?

Reuben used a 3DR Solo fwiw.

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@zelkirb You can use offboard control to send setpoints of arbitrary trajectories to the vehicle: http://docs.px4.io/master/en/flight_modes/offboard.html

You’d have to ask the firmware folks that. There is an acceptance radius around the waypoints so that might cause problems.

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In your opinion could this effectively make a small vertical circle?

Do we have any idea what software that Reuben uses?

Reuben Wu is using a stock 3DR Solo with Ardupilot, you can read more about his work below

This is totally what I was trying to figure out and couldn’t find the answer. Thanks you so much with this help. I’ll look into using ardupilot and making those vertical circles.