Drone drifting when used SVO

I am testing SVO with PX4

PX4 Version: 1.12.3, 1.13.3, 1.14.1 (Tested in all 3)
Hardware: CubeOrange
Camera: D435i

I am trying to do pose hold with SVO and the drone starts drifting, and it works sometimes and sometimes it won’t. I want to know why it is working sometimes, and why it is not sometimes. And also I am not able to find the delay between vehicle attitude and vision attitude as shown in PX4 VIO because I am not getting the vision attitude parameter in my logs, but getting the vehicle attitude as shown in that image. My logs can be found here. I did not use flight review, instead I used FlightPlot as said in the website but still couldn’t.

Can anyone help me with this? @mhkabir