I’m a little confused why the checked in version of nuttx_px4fmu-c2_default.cmake includes drivers/snapdragon_rc_pwm. I thought snapdragon required qurt builds? I can easily remove it, but I’m just curious how the snapdragon driver code could be useful on a pixhawk? Perhaps it should be renamed “uart_rc_pwm” if is more generally useful outside of snapdragon?

@clovett When the snapdragon came out it did not support pwm output / rc input yet (at least not in a convenient way). So we made a serial link to a px4fmuv2 in order to make it output pwm and send rc input for snapdragon. The driver that does that is called “snapdragon_rc_pwm”. So in fact it is pretty specific to it.

Ah, I see, using pixhawk as a pwm encoder. Got it, thanks.