Dear people .. I have three questions.First one, what is the exact kind of path planning used for local and global path planning? Second question, What is the name of the file containing the code for local and global path planning as I need to read it?

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Last question how is the goal given to the path planning ?

  1. Algorithm behind PX4 avoidance library
  2. The code is not simply in one file. The majority of the local planner is in local_planner.cpp here, but also the star_planner.cpp, histogram.cpp and waypoint_generator.cpp in the same directory. The main parts of the global planner are in global_planner.cpp here
  3. The goal depends on how you interface with it. In mission mode, it is the next mission item. If you are using offboard mode, you can use RViz and the 2DNav Goal functionality, as described in the readme of the avoidance.

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@nicovanduijn for sure I will do that next time I ask . However regarding the first question only local planner is discussed but global planner is not discussed . So would you please tell me what is the kind of path planning used for global planner ?

Also I mean how do the path planning receive the goal node ? in other words what is the node for goal ?

I am sorry, I don’t understand your question.

in other words what is the node for goal ?

The local planner plans a tree, which consists of a set of nodes. Those nodes are positions in space that it is planning to travel on, in order to ultimately reach the goal. Your question does not make sense in this context.

okay , and what is the global path planning method @nicovanduijn

It’s an A* search on an Octomap, using a risk-based cost function

not RRT search ? @nicovanduijn

Also what is the risk-based cost function ? that is my first time to read it … I know A* with the cost function consisting of geurestic and heuristic costs