Does PX4 deprecate PX4-FlightGear-Bridge simulation?

Hi, I am using the simulation with the latest firmware. However. I encounters errors while it simulates with flight gear. Does px4 deprecate px4-flightgear-bridge? It just responds like this:

PX4-Autopilot % make px4_sitl_nolockstep flightgear_rascal
ninja: error: unknown target 'flightgear_rascal'

even the command:

PX4-Autopilot % make px4_sitl list_vmd_make_targets             
ninja: error: unknown target 'list_vmd_make_targets'
make: *** [px4_sitl] Error 1

Seems like link for rascal downloading is old, so you need to download it for flightgear bridge manually
Autogyro work well

Does PX4 deprecate PX4-FlightGear-Bridge simulation?

The only simulator toolchain that has ongoing maintenance from the dev team is Gazebo, and to a lesser extent SITL Gazebo-Classic, and to an increasingly lesser extent JMAVSim. My understanding is that over time only Gazebo will be “officially supported”.

The other toolchains have been introduced by different communities over time.and have varying levels of maintenance by those communities. Some like SIH work very well. Others like Airsim feel like abandonware. Flightgear is in the middle - it gets some use and periodic updates from the community.

So it is not so much “deprecated” as “non maintained by the core dev team or used in CI”. But still somewhat loved by its community.

I’m hoping to make this clearer in the docs in the coming weeks.