Documentation about MC Attitude Control is missing?

I just have an ‘easy’ question about the control of the attitude of multicopters and I think there is a little bit missing in the documentation.

Anyone who is interessted in the control algorithms of the px4 is usually directed (by google searches) to:
Sadly this link shows only a control diagram of the position control for multicopters (and lots of stuff for the fixedwing aircrafts) but information for the attitude control is missing here.

Some other information about the control can be found in the tuning guide for mc’s:
Here is at least some textual information about the rate-controller as the most inner pid-loop and the information about an additional p-loop for the attitude…

So if I would guess - I would think of the attitude control of something like this:

But there are still a lot of questions (mostly everything in orange) and I don’t know whether the system behaves like the same position/velocity control loop…

So is anybody around who knows about what’s going on inside of the px4 controls?

Kind regards