Docker: user may not run sudo


I am new PX4 user trying to get started on Mac with Docker PX4 container (px4-dev-ros)

Following this:

When I run source inside container i get Sorry, user user may not run sudo on 02786e1a9c7f.

It looks like PX4 container uses user user, but that user is not part of ‘sudoers’ group. How do people run development with this docker container? Am I missing something in my configuration steps?

Kind Regards,

The PX4 docker containers ( should already contain everything you need. If they’re missing something needed for PX4 development please open an issue.

Assuming you have a recent version of PX4 Firmware cloned and docker installed, simply do this from the top level.

./Tools/ make px4fmu-v3_default

Thank you! that started the build!
I did not realise the docker is used from the main tools. Thought I need to pull it and operate from inside.