Difficulties with gazebo version used by PX4- SITL


I am new to this and I am stucked at this issue. I am using PX4 model called gz_x500, which is gazebo garden model, but I am not sure, whether the simulation is really running in Gazebo garden, because I can not find any services or topics provided by the gazebo using MAVROS and ROS2 Humble. Does anyone have a clue, where the problem is? Isn’t there a problem, that my simulation is running in wrong Gazebo or even wrong version so my ros2 can not see it?
PS: You can see my simulation in screenshot below.

thank you very much

Hi @luky.
You are using Garden indeed

note that PX4 directly interfaces with Gazebo using the gz_bridge module.
Therefore you can’t see any topics or services on ROS2: ROS2 is just not used in the process.