Deploying the Parachute in Gazebo


I am having a difficult time simulating parachute deployment in simulation using gazebo. I am using QGroundControl to set the parameters and using flight termination to trigger the parachute like the example in the tutorial says. The issue that I noticed is that the parameters that are meant to be changed are present in a Pixhawk but not for a gazebo simulated drone. I was wondering if anyone knows what I am missing?

What I’ve done:

  • changed CBRK_FLIGHTERM = 0
  • changed each PWM_MAIN_FUNCn = parachute
  • tried in PX4 v1.12 and v 1.11


  • px4_sitl gazebo_if750a
  • PX4 Autopilot v1.12

Thank you in advance