Default UDP ports on QGroundControl don't work

Hi everyone,

It seems that I have a problem with the default ports configured on QGroundControl : nothing happens when I play my simulation. It use to work, but apparently something happened and now it doesn’t anymore.

I’m lost about how I could configure the UDP ports differently or what else could cause this issue.
Do you have another configuration to suggest ?

Thanks for your help !

Do you have the auto-connetions checked?

Yes, all of them are checked as default.

That’s odd. Have you tried to reboot? Are you using any virtual machine, docker, etc?

No, same install from the other topic. I can’t get it to run either way.
I already tried from a Ubuntu 16.04 clean install, clean 18.04 Dockers install…
Nothing works at the moment.

What’s the output when you run SITL?

It runs normally, but I cannot seem to connect or even verify the connectios and communication…