Algorithm behind PX4 avoidance library



Is it possible for the Px4 team to tell the concept or algorithm they are using for the obstacle avoidance library.

I was seeing the code, by seeing the code it is not becoming absolutely clear that What is the technique placed for avoiding the obstacles?

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Dear people .. I have three questions.First one, what is the exact kind of path planning used for local and global path planning? Second question, What is the name of the file containing the code for local and global path planning as I need to read it?

The local_planner uses a 3DVFH* algorithm. It is to some extent a combination of the 3DVFH concept and the VFH* concept plus a few custom modifications to make the algorithm suitable for real world situations. I attach papers to the two mentioned algorithms in case you would like to read up on it.

02_3DVFH.pdf (1.9 MB)

03_VFH*.pdf (88.5 KB)


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I will like to know that in the px4 avoidance node among these which algorithm is implemented.

  1. 3DVFH with memory
  2. 3DVFH* with memory

And in these sphere detection technique is implemented or not.

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It’s 3DVFH*, as the Readme mentions in the third line:

The sphere avoidance functionality was taken out a while ago


Thanks for the information