Custom QGroundControl Ardusub Crash

Hey all,

Just getting started with QGroundControl’s plugins system. Building everything - no issue; however when running the custom build, connecting a PX4 with most recent Ardusub installed causes a crash immediately after the green bar finishes filling. According to QtCreator’s debug, it has something to do with an out of bounds index in a QList, however even after removing all actual code from the custom example the crash still happens. The only apparent difference is the fact that QGroundControl has been built with a plugin.

Anyone able to help?

QGC Source version: master-dc614a6
Ardusub version: 4.0.1

Screenshots of Custom QGC & QtCreator error outputs:

@DonLakeFlyer I’m making my own custom QGC app. Everytime that I try to connect any board with ArduPilot firmware, the app crashes. When I run into debug mode, the same ASSERT failure appears in my console. Do you know how to solve this problem? I couldn’t find any info in the developer guide.