Custom new position control

I have a few questions about the position control.
My goal is implement a new position control (Sliding mode control) instead of PID (P in position and PID velocity and acceleration)
May be that not better than PID but i just try for my internship :grin:
question.pdf (57.6 KB)

Here i draw a diagram of Position control . And the red line is my question

Also the value of struct vehicle_local_position_setpoint_s

  • float x;*
  • float y;*
  • float z;*
  • float yaw;*
  • float yawspeed;*
  • float vx;*
  • float vy;*
  • float vz;*
  • float acceleration[3];*
  • float jerk[3];*
  • float thrust[3];*
    That provide by Qground control when we generate the trajectory (out put Flight tasks) ??? Of simply a set point of position
    The other set point we can use specifique with offboad mode or MAVSDK ?

To conclude : If i want to change the hold new Position control (Postion, velocity and acceleartion) what matter the control i use . I need the output is Thurt in z direction and the attitude in quatenion form ??

Thanks all