Custom multi vehicle build error(same topic name error)

Hello everyone,

I’m attempting to set up a simulation(Gazebo classic, ROS2 humble) for multiple vehicles(iris_depth_camera and rover_depth_camera)

During the code build process, I encountered the following error.

[ERROR] [1705243878.281362595] [gazebo_ros_node]: Found multiple nodes with same name: /camera_controller. This might be due to multiple plugins using the same name. Try changing one of the the plugin names or use a different ROS namespace. This error might also result from a custom plugin inheriting from another gazebo_ros plugin and the custom plugin trying to access the ROS node object hence creating multiple nodes with same name. To solve this try providing the optional node_name argument in gazebo_ros::Node::Get() function.

To solve this, I add new depth_camera model. I changed the model name to depth_camera1 and made corresponding changes in the sdf.jinja file by modifying <camera_name>camera</camera_name> to <camera_name>camera1</camera_name>.

Despite these change, the issue persists.

When running only iris_depth_camera (depth_camera), I can observe the following topics:


On the other hand, when running only rover_depth_camera (depth_camera1), the observed topics are:


However, attempting to run both models (iris_depth_camera and rover_depth_camera) simultaneously results in failure.

please help, give me advice to solve these problem. Thank you

Hi @eogks465 did you manage to setup this simulation? It would be great to know since I am planning to do the same but new to PX4.

hello, @kalhansb .

To solve that problem, need to change plugin name.
But, I don’t think this is an efficient solution.

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Hi @eogks465 sorry for the reply. Can you please tell me if you are using Tools/simulation/gazebo-classic/ or any other method to spawn multiple vehicles?