Custom Frame in jMAVSim

Hello there, as long as Gazebo is having some problems recently, I am using jMAVSim to simulate my drone before an actual test flight.
I have an Holybro S500 with Pixhawk 4 running PX4 Autopilot, mounting Holybro 2216 motors with Holybro 9450 propellers. How can I import this exact frame and configuration in jMAVSim in order to simulate the drone in the most realistic way possible?
I have already run jMAVSim with the default frame successfully. I know I can set the S500 frame in QGC, but I guess it is not sufficient to properly simulate my drone. My goal is to perform a real test flight with a >99% chance of success, and gain experience in simulating custom airframes.
Thank you :slight_smile:

@Matte_Lanni Could you clarify on the problems you were experiencing with gazebo? I am using it daily for development

@Jaeyoung-Lim Of course, here is the discussion on the problem i am facing: