Crop spraying drone port configuration

Hello everybody,

I am currently working on a project regarding a crop-spraying uav. Since I’m not an expert I wanted to ask how could it be possible to control an actuator from the autopilot board (in our case a CubePilot Kore).
I’ve already seen something about controlling an actuator from the autopilot at this page in the docs.
Moreover the goal is to check the level of a tank attached to the drone, in this case how should I move forward? I was thinking of connecting the sensor controlling the tank level to an i2c port on the autopilot and then to publish this value on a custo uorb topic. From this it could be possible to communicate to ros2 algorithms again using a custom topic.
Thanks in advance for the answer,

You can use k++ flight controller for a full flesh agricultural drone.if your budget is less then you can do it with gps and telemetry and your cubepilot flight controller. To measure the water level use a water level monitoring module and nodemcu.its range is upto 50to200 mtr.