Creating a Drone Inspired by 'Samara Autorotating Wings' Paper

Hi, I’m an undergraduate student in Korea and new to this community. I recently came across a fascinating paper titled “Dynamics and Control of a Collaborative and Separating Descent of Samara Autorotating Wings” and it has inspired me to embark on a project to create a similar drone.

However, I’m facing a challenge. I couldn’t find an airframe that matches my requirements in the PX4 documentation (에어프레임 참조 | PX4 오토파일럿 사용자 설명서 (v1.12)). I’m looking for an airframe that can support a design akin to the Samara Autorotating Wings, particularly one that can handle the unique dynamics and control aspects of such a drone.

Has anyone here worked on or seen a similar project? Any guidance on choosing the right airframe or modifying an existing one to fit these specifications would be incredibly helpful. I’m eager to learn and collaborate on this innovative project.

Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions!

Best regards,