Crash when assigned a position in the offboard mode

Dear Community,

We were flight testing and had a fatal crash when assigned a position in the offboard mode.
The setup is as follows.

Drone frame: Tarot X4
motor : T-Motor MN505-S 380kv
Propeller:T-Motor P18*6.1cf
ESC: Alpha 60A 24S

You can view the flight in this video and access the log file.

During takeoff, the drone performed without any issues. However, when I switched to offboard mode and assigned a specific position for the drone to reach, it exhibited aggressive behavior, ultimately resulting in a crash.

I’m curious if this behavior could be attributed to an EKF (Extended Kalman Filter) change, considering I’m using only 1 IMU and 2 MAG sensors, or if there might be another underlying cause.

Please note that during the flight test, there were intermittent connections and disconnections with the RC (Remote Control).

Thank you for any insights or suggestions you can provide.

Best regards,