Crash camera - flight recorder

Has somebody a suggestion for a “crash cam”? I mean a video recording camera, which is mounted on a UAV. The camera should record a basic video of UAV control elements and critical structures from the beginning of arming to the disarmed state plus few seconds. The recording should be realized in a circular buffer on crash-proof media (uSD card should be sufficient).

The required function is very similar to a dashcam, but there are some UAV-specific features required. Namely:

  • It needs to be lightweight
  • Display is unnecessary
  • Should be activated and deactivated by arming, with a slight delay after disarming
  • In case of power failure it should continue the recording by few seconds (power should be back up by supercapacitor charged from UAV power system)

The general purpose of such a device is to provide a recording of unexpected failures during testing.

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