Correct frame for /mavros/setpoint_raw/attitude for drone control


I am currently using LQR controller, that is controlling each axis independently. All my calculations are with respect to local frame (the origin in gazebo simulation). Then I am rotating the control inputs around z axis with angle yaw derived dron quaternion of drone in local frame. Then I am computing these control inputs to the angle, that I want my drone to tilt around (roll, pitch). What transformations should I do before publishing desired roll and pitch and yaw into the topic /mavros/setpoint_raw/attittude? I believe that all my calculations are using standard ENU format of frames. But I read that the MAVROS topic is using NED.
Could someone provide me a clear explanation?
I can also provide my controller ros2 node if that would be helpful.
Thank you!

the mavros is converting the incomming roll, pitch and yaw to NED, but is expecting you to provide attitude in ENU.