Controlling a brushed water pump and esc

Hi I am trying to control a brushed water pump with a brushed esc using qgroundcontrol and telemetry.

This is how I set up my esc and water pump.

I connected this to the fmu pwm out breakout poard from the pixhawk 6c

And this is the mission I set up in qground control

However this is not working. Is there anything I did wrong?

in the actuator tab you can configure rc passthrough for the servo. Does that work?

My setup had motors instead of actuators but once I set SYS_CTRL_ALLOC =1. This is what it looks like now.

By the way I am using the holybro x500 v2

thats odd. can you try updating to 1.14?

I tried this but I am still getting no movement from my pump

I got it working with a SG90 servo however