How to control multiple drones with QGroundControl

Dear all,

Does anybody know the steps to follow to be able to connect and control multiple drones at the same time with QGroundControl?
I already changed the MAV_SYS_ID to each drone, so they have a unique value. QGC detects the presence of several drones, so I can see the multi-vehicle option. However, I can access only one drone at the same time since I can connect to one and only one hotspot at the same time with my laptop.

I believe there should be a way to access the hotspots of multiple drones at the same time and control all together with QGroundControl.

Does anybody know how to do that and what extra components (if any) do I need?

Thank you very much for your help,

There might be other ways but easiest to put the drone wifi into client (station) mode and have them all connect to a common Access Point (usually the gcs but it probably doesn’t need to be).