Connect Crossfire to QgrounControl on iphone trough Bluetooth

Hello all,

I am trying to connect a drone using ardupilot trough crossfire bluetooth to the Qgroundcontrol app on my Iphone. I was looking for tutorials and instruction but I could not find anything.

I go to the tab common links, but when I click add I only have the option of TCP and UDP but not bluethoot.

Please could anyone help me with that?

Thanks in advance

Unfortunately TBS is really not good at documentation.

Did you pair with the Bluetooth from the bluetooth settings?
All bluetooth apps would need this to happen first.

Hello, thanks for your replay.

Yes I did. What I do not know are the steps that I have to follow in the Qgroundcontrol App on my phone to set the connection up.


I was hoping it might just find it and connect like it does with USB and the telemetry radio.
Let’s see if @DonLakeFlyer might know.

Bluetooth generally won’t work on an iPhone (because of apple licensing silliness). It will work on anything else.

I see, I will have to get an android tablet or something.

In that case, If I go to the tab common links, and I click add, will I have the Bluetooth option?.

If it come up as a bluetooth serial port then select that.