Connect companion computer to Pixhawk 4 mini with FDTI

Hi guys, I am currently trying to build the communication between a Pixhawk 4 mini and an Up Core companion computer using a FDTI following this guide: Companion Computer for Pixhawk Series | PX4 User Guide.

The computer setup is done with ROS2 and already passed sanity check. Since there is no telem 2 port for Pixhawk mini, we use QGroundControl to change necessary parameter for telem 1 port:
[MAV_1_MODE] = Onboard
[MAV_1_RATE] = 80000 Bytes/s
[MAV_1_FORWARD] = True
[SER_TEL1_BAUD] = 921600 baud.

For the FDTI, we connect it with RX/TX/CTS/RTX/GND following the guide.

However, when I try to see usb connected, I still can’t see Pixhawk on the usb list. I try to download a FDTI driver but I am lost in those APIs.

Should I actually launch something to able to detect the FC? What should I do now?

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