Compiling on Android Devices

(SOLVED) Is there any documentation regarding compiling QGC on Android devices? I have everything setup according to Qt’s documentation and their example applications work just fine, however, when I attempt to compile mavlink repo, I get the error noted in the screenshot. It will not let me compile using version 19 of the NDK, for it switches it to 21 automatically even after removing it from Qt Creator. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

how did you solve it?

how did you solve it

I have yet to solve the actual compiling and building on android, but I was able to change the default NDK, removing the error of it switching automatically to a different NDK. I went into the sdk_definitions.json file and changed the default NDK version there.

where can I find the sdk_definitions.json file?

It should be in /Tools/QtCreator/share/qtcreator/android