Failed to build Qgroundcontrol android

Hello there ~ I was trying to build qgrouncontrol for android but this error appear

any idea how to fix this? thanks

QGC has been updated for the Android compatability which requires QT 5.15.2.

Navigate to the android.pri file in qt creator and comment out lines 10-19. I posted an issue on GitHub because that should only be a temporary fix. I encountered this issue the other day as well.

its’s still not working, I’ve been trying to clean it and rebuild it, but it’s still give the same result, but thanks for the suggestion tho, appreciate it

I already use 5.15.2, with android ndk 21

you can disable the make install step, however, if you do, you have to move the specific architectures that were built to their respective folders within the build folder.

done, but it seems we create another error image

what did I do? I copy all the files from armeabi-v7a to staging/android-build/libs/armeabi-v7a, and then click at build button, so, what went wrong?

I believe that this could be a different jdk could be used. I am currently using the Android Studio JDK. When you open the device settings in Qt Creator this is JDK and NDK settings I have: