Companion Computers

Hello everyone!
I’m quite new to this topic and have some questions about it.
So, I heard about the great amount of possibilities you have with companion computers and I’m quite interested in it now.
But first of all, does the companion computer override the control of the flight mode of the FC or where does it step in? Or is there something like a CC mode?
And what kind of software must I use on the CC? Has it something to do with ROS or Dronekit?

@Zec You can use the companion computer for differnt levels of control as you need.

Px4 also has a dedicated offboard mode which gives control over to the companion computer. You can look at the offboard mode documents of px4 here.

Had an unexpected success, so I came back to the Forum to tell you. I did not yet see the long reply I had just sent off, but I assume it does not get posted up immediately.

Having installed “your” PX4 FMU (COM3) driver, I had the lightbulb moment that Mission Planner -by selecting COM3 !! and QGround Control (auto) might/should work… I made connection to the PixRacer, at bl…dy last with both of these.

That was what I expected from the start - that I was missing a driver [despite deleting and reinstalling GCS software). Your steer paid off. Very happy. Many thanks.

@KJBB I think your reply is supposed to be on a different post