CI Setup to run missions

Hello everyone,

I am trying to setup the CI for my PX4 Code. I found this nice file by dronekit which I would like to use. It works fine when I start PX4 and gazebo in another terminal.

The challenge is now to put everything into one bash file, which I would like to start within my CI. I have also found the script Can I use this script in order to make everything work within a single script? (Just putting ‘make px4_sitl gazebo’ into the background didnt work). Or is there a better way to solve this issue?

It seems to me that as soon as I try to push px4 into the background the mavlink can not start correctly. Is there a way to fix this?

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Have you looked at the CI tests on the PX4/Firmware repo? We moved away from DroneKit in favor of MAVSDK.

Here’s the test runner for MAVSDK

If you haven’t already, join the #ci & #mavsdk channels on the PX4 Slack, they are full of awesome people that can help out.

In case you aren’t there yet follow this link ->

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@rroche thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile: I havn’t seen the this test_runner yet and I will check it out for sure.

PX4 is just so big and full of amazing features that its hard to know where to start when your are not that familiar with the code base. Its awesome that PX4 has such a great community. Thanks a lot to all of you guys :slight_smile:

I will check out Slack as well, thanks for the tipp.

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Glad I was able to help. Please open a new post if you have more questions or have any questions.

Thanks for posting.