Catapult take off with throttle above 0/idle

We are working on a fixed wing for catapult takeoff, preparing for auto takeoff. On other autopilots we have worked with, we were used to setting a pre-launch throttle, enabling us to launch with throttle above idle. The reason we want this is because the 4kW motor gives a useful additional push also on the catapult, giving us just a bit extra margin when taking off with heavier configuration of the UAV. Is there a way to make this happen? I see theoretically that setting idle throttle to 100% might do this, but then again it doesn’t sound like it is a good idea if we want it to go to idle during or after flight.

I’m no expert but I believe you’re looking for FW Launch Detection.

Good luck.

Thanks, but I want the propeller to turn before launch happens, so unless setting LAUN_CAT_MDEL to 0 (=disable) result in starting the motor when arming the vehicle, or commanding it to the takeoff command, then it still seems it is not ment to be possible.