Capacitors missing after voltage spike

I’m building an rc plane using some solar panels and a 4s mppt charge controller.

Yesterday i connected my Mppt charge controller to the pm07 board and then connected the 4s battery. In order to know how much power the solar cells produce, a current and voltage sensor is used between the battery and the mppt. However, upon connecting, this resulted in a current spike and the output of the current sensor rose so high, the input caps of the px4 smoked up.

I used the usb cable to check if everything is still working and it’s fine. Now I’m just wondering what i should put in place of the old caps. Here’s a pic of the current state of the board

Hello do you using charging regulator module???

  1. If your are charging using solar power you have charger regulator module to set correct charging parameter to charge the battery and you cannot just plug in any solor without charger controller module
  2. The capacitor blow/burn due to over voltage or over current which has gone above the current spec of the capacitor and also install diode to be safer when using solar charger
  3. First you need to check your voltage and amps from solar power to battery and use a regulator to adjust the voltage and amps as to the battery spec
  4. If its much high,than battery spec, it can even burn your battery catch fire
  5. Change capacitor larger size for charging +15%

Im using an mppt charge controller for a 4s battery and the battery is 4s aswell. Ita ll happend because i was hasedly and connected things in the wrong order. First i needed to connect the battery to the mppt, then the bat+mppt to boot the pixhawk 4 and then connect the voltage&current sensor to the pixhawk 4. Currently i’ve putt 2 1uF caps in place and the flight controller is working again. But i would love to know the correct sizing.

Hello thats good so its since you have the charger regulator …the cap size should be 35v/470uf made RUBYCON

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