Can't set a parameter via python, but works via the console


I’m trying to change the parameter “FW_AIRSPEED_TRIM” for my project.

I’m able to do this via the console using:
rosservice call /mavros/param/set "FW_AIRSPD_TRIM" [0,100.0]

This works perfectly fine, however when I try to do the same using rospy, it never succeeds:

self.set_param_srv = rospy.ServiceProxy('mavros/param/set', ParamSet)
cruise = ParamValue()
cruise.integer = 0
cruise.real = 100.0
res = self.set_param_srv("FW_AIRSPEED_TRIM", cruise)
    if not res.success:
        rospy.loginfo("failed to change parameter")

While I can simply use the console, I see no reason as to why this doesn’t work…