Cannot type into nsh shell to reboot Pixhawk

Hello everyone, so I am able to connect to the system console via the FTDI cable. I got a hardfault after
my previous flight and when this usually happens, I connect the FTDI cable to the serial on the Pixhawk in
order to reboot or “flash” it back to normal.

But for some reason I am not able to type into the terminal to reboot the board. I have uninstalled and reinstalled screen but that does not fix the issue. Additionally, the nsh> line does not come up after connecting the Pixhawk to the FTDI cable, I do not why that is. I also tried using a different terminal application, terminator, but the issue still persists. I have included a screen shot of terminal page.

Any assistance or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

In the image above, I am unable to type B to continue rebooting. I have tried copying and pasting B but to no avail.

PS, the reset button on the Pixhawk does nothing as well.