Cannot flash firmware to Pixhawk5x on MacOS catalina

Hi all,

Recently I got Pixhawk5x and tried to flash it with customized fmu-v5x firmware based on v1.12.3.

However, whenever I re-connect the USB cable, Pixhawk5x doesn’t go to firmware upgrade mode and it just boots, then flashing fails. It shows this error messages.

Error: Sync: Send Command: Invalid sync response: 0xfe 0x3c 
Upgrade cancelled

I haven’t experienced this issue on Pixhawk4 or older Pixhawks with PX4 v1.11.2.

I am using MacOS Catalina 10.15.7.

I tried:

  • using latest stable QGC
  • using differnt usb-c cable
  • re-installing FTDI driver
  • re-installing px4 common tools using toolchain
  • rebooting the computer

but didn’t work.

I can flash the firmware on Windows after installing the latest QGC, so it seems to be a problem on MacOS.

Do you have any advice on this issue?